Richard Bordenave

Welcome to my brand new blog, still Work in Progress. I have grouped here all my past contributions published here and there. It’s all about Marketing, Market research, and more generaly about how deep knowledge of customer behaviour can be a source of inspiration, impactful actions, and business growth. Richard BORDENAVE – Deputy GM, member […]

IA et nudge, pour un marketing de confiance

Science des données et sciences humaines doiventavoir le même objectif : proposer par les marquesdes services intelligents. L’éthique de l’incitationdouce y participe. Entretien avec Jean-Watin Augouard : Numéro spécial Intelligence Artificielle et Marketing L’intelligence artificielle peut-elle être utile aux nudges ? Richard Bordenave : J’ai envie de renverser la proposition. L’IApermet une réponse adaptée […]

Are ” human centered” methods really the best way to get to know your customers?

Photo credit: Bagolina on / CC BY Influenced by the wave of businesses going digital, the necessity to be innovative and the return to start-up wisdom, many consulting methodologies that help businesses better take the customer’s point of view into consideration when designing their products and services have been developed in recent years. The […]

Alice in customerland

70th Anniversary – Esomar Congress Sept 2018 The rise of bots, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), Internet of Things (IoT) and other technological breakthroughs in the customer experience (CX) solution landscape indicates an increasingly automated journey, with more companies craving more data and technologically seamless experiences. However, in this paper, we predict an unprecedented […]

Nudge me tender

Esomar best case history 2014 and Excellence Award 2014/2015 Ethnography lies at the heart of re-inventing and promoting customer-centric services. A keystone of behavioural economics, it inspires policy makers to re-design their actions for more efficient results with easy and cheap nudges. This paper presents a French government case study that relies on the NudgeLab […]

The behavioral economics revolution: toward a new CX definition

The Nobel prize of economics has just been awarded to Richard Thaler : co-author of Best seller “Nudge” and pioneer of behavioral economics principles applied to real world problems: from public policies to business issues. One field will soon be revolutionized by its findings : the #CX “customer experience industry” industry. In the 1990s, Pine […]

BVA : We had a dream !

Mid 2015 our BVA teams envisioned to fully renovate their approach for measuring public opinion. To go beyond traditional polls: we explored how to listen to what citizens spontaneously say instead of just asking questions. That’s how POP 2017 project started. Co-developped with Salesforce: is a unique platform combining real time Social listening, Live […]

Customer Experience : Empower your data and technology with Behavioral Science and empathy

Customer experience is all about customer’s life, feelings, and behaviors. And customer’s insight is the knowledge that should help brands improve journeys toward trial and loyalty. However, all too often, customer experience is mistaken with touchpoint metrics, cookies, DMP… And Customer insight is assimilated with CRM data. It is even more the case now that […]

Be different, be unique, be remarkable, stand out… go back to the why and it will lead you straight to the how!

All branding strategies and marketing plans, whether they are for a product, a service, a start-up or an individual, espouse the benefits of differentiation in order to capture new customer segments, make them stand-out, justify higher prices, leave a lasting impression, etc.  Differentiation: the original linchpin of the brand The concept of the Unique Selling […]