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Alice in customerland

70th Anniversary – Esomar Congress Sept 2018

The rise of bots, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), Internet of Things (IoT) and other technological breakthroughs in the customer experience (CX) solution landscape indicates an increasingly automated journey, with more companies craving more data and technologically seamless experiences. However, in this paper, we predict an unprecedented demand for human care and personal relationships across customer journeys, including the possibility of failure, forgiveness and/or having fun. To envision the future of market research, we will illustrate how “augmented” research in 2027 can empower people, transform organizational cultures and inspire future value propositions. Powered by a unique hybridization of the data sciences (data mining, deep and machine learning…) and human sciences (behavioral economics, social psychology, ethnography…), “augmented research” can help in the design of more human-centric rather than just client-centric customer experience strategies. Deeper human understanding of customers’ and employees’ life contexts will create new engagement opportunities as well as transformational changes. Meanwhile, expanded customer data will keep fueling more transactional opportunities, but now without alienating consumers or damaging trust. But, before discussing how to get there from where we currently stand (part 2) and what mutations our industry will need to operate (part 3), experience the future through an imaginary dialog between Richard, a CX market researcher and Alice, his humanoid artificial intelligence assistant in 2027. (Part 1)

Full article can be downloaded here-under, but start with the video above to better “feel” the future !